Experienced Professionals

Joe Stepp, LTC (USA Retired)

Founder & CEO

Joe is a retired U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Beret) Lieutenant Colonel with an extensive background in Special Operations and Intelligence.  During the Gulf War 1990-1991, he was a member of 1st SFOD-D (Delta Force).  After 9/11, he served in Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq as a Special Forces Private Military Contractor from 2001-2010.  Upon his return from the Middle East in 2010, he worked in the Pentagon as a Senior Analyst/Subject Matter Expert (SME) before returning home.  In 2011, Joe established the Regional Intelligence Center (RIC) located within the Pasadena Police Department and was the Regional Intelligence Coordinator from 2011-2019.  During this period, he became a TCOLE Instructor and his unit supported over 20 local Law Enforcement Agencies on counterterrorism, intelligence fusion, analysis and training.  For his body of work in special operations, he was inducted into the US Army’s OCS Hall of Fame in 2018.

Jordan Stepp

Co-Founder & COO

Jordan is a combat veteran of Iraq with the 82nd Airborne Division.  After his military service, he joined the Houston Police Department and is now a TCOLE & Field Training Instructor assigned to Patrol.  He is also a TCOLE certified Master Peace Officer who has worked in various assignments in plain clothes and uniformed within his department including Patrol at Southeast, South Central and Clear Lake Divisions.  Additionally, he has served in the Divisional Tactical Unit, Differential Response Team and completed a long-term rotation with the Narcotics Division. Technically and tactically sound, Jordan understands what the officer on the street needs. Jordan combines his previous experience as an infantry NCO in the US Army’s 82nd Airborne Division with being a seasoned Patrol Officer, and he brings leadership insight and a real-world perspective to our clients at the ground level.

Jerri S. Stepp, RN, BSN

Medical Advisor

Jerri is a Blue Star wife and mother who lived in the middle east while supporting her family on missions overseas. She has a broad clinical background with a strong understanding of policy regulation for public health at the federal, state, and local levels. She previously managed nurses and medical services for one of the largest school districts in the State of Texas. She was responsible for standing up all current emergency medical policies governing events such as communicable disease and mass casualty to include active shooters while working collaboratively with local law enforcement. Jerri gives our clients first rate knowledge for their advanced medical training, policy and implementation needs.

Lee Hale, JD

Intelligence Advisor

Lee is a veteran of Iraq & Afghanistan as an intelligence officer. He is educated in psychology, anthropology, international affairs, and law. He is a TCOLE certified Master Peace Officer who has applied his military and education background with over a decade of undercover and patrol experience. He provides our clients with a unique, intelligence-driven mindset against high threat, real world bad actors at home and abroad. Lee specializes in cyber security, threat theory, signals intelligence, all source intelligence, fusion analysis, and threat identification.

Meghan Stepp, BS

Security Advisor

Meghan comes from a Gold Star family rich in military and law enforcement service and traditions. She’s a seasoned police officer of the Houston Police Department who was selected from a tactical unit to serve in a sensitive position of tactical and strategic importance to the Mayor and Chief of Police. Focusing on gang violence, she is highly skilled at using open source, geographical and statistical intelligence as well as intelligence fusion of multi-agency operations to connect the dots. Meghan is a TCOLE Instructor and certified gang expert for court room testimony and is federally credentialed in her current assignment as an intelligence analyst and investigator. She also brings our clients a strong partner in understanding the power of women in policing.


Mike Hudson, LTC (USMC Retired)

Operations Advisor

Mike is a retired Infantry Officer and Force Reconnaissance Marine who served 25 years in the Marine Corps. Mike served as a Force Reconnaissance Platoon Commander, Infantry Company Commander, Battalion Operations Officer and Senior Security Force Advisor during multiple combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Mike has experience with negotiations, operational and strategic planning, cultural awareness, threat detection and organizational leadership. After retiring from the Marine Corps in 2018, Mike was hired as the Director of Security of the Transamerica complex in San Francisco. Mike has since pivoted to the tech world where he works as a project manager focusing on diversity, Inclusion and veteran hiring initiatives. Mike Is a freefall parachutist, combat diver, project management professional (PMP), and Pashtu language speaker. Mike has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from San Diego State University and a Master of Science in Administration (MSA) from Central Michigan University. 

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